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Maya Mekira

The belief that "every living creature has a story made brilliance of life and emotional"
It is the basis of the world view in which Maya Mekira's fantasy art is created.
Her art is always emotionally themed and full of compassion for living things.
The kindness fuses art that moves the hearts of those who see it.


She has a long time of being abused as a child.
It was the vibrant life of familiar creatures such as flowers, insects and animals that healed my wounded and lonely heart.
Her imagination enriched and animated her relationship with those creatures.
Her childhood experiences made her imagination very unique.

The creatures she creates and draws have a lively expression and seem to have a presence and a sense of life.
She is self-taught in sculpture and painting. In addition to sculpture paintings that combine these techniques, he also develops drawing works influenced by Japanese animation and manga.


She considers the work itself to be a living thing.
I regard the process of directly touching and shaping as a dialogue.
Prioritizing the use of fingers and nails over tools, I value the process of creating shapes.

“If there is one life, there is always a story, and we are always surrounded by dramatic events.”
She is always inspired by the drama around her.


In recent years, she has moved from Tokyo to south japan, which is rich in nature, and works in an atelier visited by living creatures.

Sculpture Emotional Balloon, with the theme of richness of emotions, has won awards in France and has been published in art magazines, and is also attracting attention from overseas curators.
She currently has collectors of her work in London, New York and Los Angeles,Miami.


Maya Mekira's work can now be seen in two New York galleries. 

Art Expo New York 2022' spring

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